Bathtub in Provence Style
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Bathtub in Provence Style

Are you used to the huge french Bathtub? Luxury only! Before I went to france I was more the type of girl that went for a quick shower instead of enjoying a hot bathtub. Since my holidays in the Provence I can’t imagine living without the bathtub anymore.

My holiday is almost two weeks over and I thought it’s time to share something special about beauty with you. I enjoyed the smell of a variety of French sweets like the Tarte au Citron and Crème Brûlée and I couldn’t deny eating them all the time. Apart from the fact that it’s not about sweets it’s much more about the smell and the fragrances you should have in your bathroom to get prepared for falls season.

Bathtub and After Goods for the Skin

bathtub_sorayaLaura Mercier launched a Holiday Collection which offers a wide range in fragrance when it comes to Soufflé Body Creams and Hand Creams. Hand Creams are very important to me and none of my bags are leaving the house without. I’m kind of addicted to them and I watch out for products that are easily absorbed without leaving behind a mess on the phone ;) Since I’ve been to Nice I’m eating more figs than ever before. The little market in nice offered really fresh and delicious figs, probably the best I ever ate. I decided for the smell of fresh figs and got me one of those Hand Creams to test it out. The smell reminds me of my amazing south France trip and the adorable Market in Nice. If you’re not the type of girl with a favor for fruits you will enjoy the sweet fragrances like vanilla as well. If you want to get them- The limited collection is since October at Douglas available.

bodyAfter all this warm weather that I got used to, it’s more difficult to enjoy the cold Vienna. To get me in the right mood for fall and winters season I started decorating my house. Aromatic cinnamon candles and the right pastiche are must-haves! After all these words I’m just in the mood for a venti cup of hot chocolate, and a bubble bath in my bathtub :)



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