Baby Blue Chic – Airy Style for Summer

Baby Blue Chic – Airy Style for Summer


Jacket: Zara
Necklace: New Yorker

Let’s start with a summary of my weekend before we come to my all-over baby blue look.
As I wrote on friday, the boy and I had our anniversary and we had the amazing opportunity to stay at vienna’s hilton hotel in the city centre.
When we had been to the lifeball, we bought some tombola tickets and the net income was for a good cause. We had never expected to win anything, but we left the charity event as lucky winners: We won two nights at the hilton hotel, and it was great for our upcoming anniversary, so we decided to spent this weekend there. The boy has planned a secret dinner at Le Salzgries (amazing french kitchen!) as surprise and the food was delicious.

Jumpin’ In The Baby Blue…

Overall: Zara


Bow-Tie: Vintage unknown


Eyewear: Vogue


Bag: Zara

We enjoyed the sunny weather a lot, and sunset was the best time for taking pics for the blog. We went for a walk through the wienfluss and as you can see I was in a very good mood :) I found this baby blue overall and because of the hot weather over the weekend, I couldn’t deny buying this lovely piece. baby_blue_sorayaYou may have recognized the blue bow: It’s actually a bow tie! I wanted to use it as little accessory to add something sweet to the look.The color is actually baby blue, it might appear darker on the images. I didn’t have overalls until now, cause I had my doubts about the style.

baby_blue_sorayaBaby blue got me and it’s a perfect way for showing your style in light tones all over summer. We have went by vespa the whole weekend, and I was looking for a jacket with airy texture. I was really happy having it, cause when we went back to the hotel in the evening it was quite chilly.

The Golden Thing Meets Baby Blue Overall…

Strappy sandals: Gamloong
Pink ribbon: DIY

Last summer when I went for holiday to venice, I needed some strappy sandals that I could walk in the whole day in the city. I found this golden one’s and they look still fine after one year wearing them.baby_blue_soraya I’m a bit clumsy and I stumbled quite often! Don’t ask me how I nailed it, it is still a little mystery to me :/ So what matters for me are very resistable strappy sandals.


studs: Forever21

There’s nothing more I’m actually thinking about then ice cream, ice cubes and cold drinks. The only few things that helps us to survive the hot weather. Today I’m going to start a new workout challenge. I was thinking about blogging about it, but I thought I leave the decision to you.

Would you like to read my food & sport reports until my wedding? Let me know in the comments below ;)

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