Aztec Ornament – Casual Saturday

Aztec Ornament – Casual Saturday

April’s weather is commonly rainy, but sometimes there’s a chance for beautiful sunny weekends and some exciting outfits with Aztec ornament. I’ve worked out last week very hard, maybe a bit too much. Let’s just say I did too much leg workouts and couldn’t walk for almost three days :/
I knew I had to rest and so I tried to use my time to catch some sun and to do some shopping.


Shoes: Vagabond

I found these shoes at Humanic and I enjoyed them because they look like the one’s of my fiancé. At first sight they may look big because of my shoe size, but they are very comfy to wear and match to jeans.


Boyfriend Jeans: Isabel Marant H&M Collection

Before we started shooting on saturday morning we went to Ulrich – a restaurant with delicious breakfast and coffee. Why it’s called Ulrich? Because it’s at Ulrichsplatz, a lovely place with narrow alley’s and vintage shops around- perfect for saturday’s outfit shoot!

Fashion check-in and my obsessions for Aztec ornament…

Remember the fashion check-in in march I went to? I mentioned it on Instagram because I was so excited that I still got some tickets for the event – I bought a beautiful black & white Aztec ornament look-a-like blazer which I wanted to show you in today’s post.


Aztec Ornament Blazer: Opullence


Eyewear: I-am
Earrings: Forever 21


Tanktop: Zara
Blue Shirt: Primark

The jeans were the last ones I was able to snatch online at I remember how quick everything was sold out within few minutes when Isabel Marant’s collection for H&M was launched.


Armlets: Forever 21
Bracelet grey: H&M
Clutch: Dune

The clutch is one of my favourite one’s. I bought it on my last years holiday in London and  since that time I wore it several times because of its nude color.


This week is going to be a preparation week for me because of Easter! I’m planning a huge easter brunch on sunday with self-made foods-Yummy!
And because of the facts that its monday again, I hope you’re fine and don’t forget to keep smiling :)

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