Amsterdam Fashion Week-Let’s Rock It!

Amsterdam Fashion Week-Let’s Rock It!

Have I ever been to Amsterdam? I’m afraid I have to say no. Amsterdam has a lot of beautiful places to offer when it comes to taking great pics for the blog and I would be glad to spent some days there. amsterdam_sorayaSince I ‘m following Andy Torres blog”Stylescrapbook” I became more interested in the beautiful Netherlands. I think Andy is well known because of her great style and I love to read her blogposts at breakfast or lunch at work and sometimes on the train on my way home. I like the way she chooses her locations, kinda giving the readers a little view of amsterdam. Still can’t stop to talk about the Netherlands but let’s get to the point:

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam…

Necklace with Coins: H&M
Chain Necklace: H&M

We all know Amsterdam’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is just around the corner and nothing would be better than to be there sitting next to the runway. I’m taking part in a blogger contest  ( and the winner has the opportunity to attend Amsterdam’s fashion week 2014! Woo-hoo!
There are many thoughts going through my head like “What would I wear?” “What kind of makeup would fit me?”- Today’s post will be about the “What I would wear when I’m the lucky winner”-Let’s talk about my colorful outfit:


Dress: Zara

Modelling the Graphic Print…

Bag: Zara
Rings: H&M

These two things are significant for this summer dress. The graphic print is amazing! The dress is quite short, but what I like most is the combination of colors. It looks great in two ways:
– by adding some flats to underline the bohemian style
– or by adding a thin belt to point out the hourglass figure


Both styles look fantastic. The dress can be worn in many ways, that’s a great benefit I like about it.
To neutralize the color overload I added a pair of white heels just to keep it fresh in the way it looks. BTW: White Heels make my legs look more tanned. A bit of cheating is always allowed ;)


Slip ons: Mango
White Heels: Zara

What are you thinking about my Outfit for the MBFWA? Should I wear this to the Fashion Week? #FCfindyourlook

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