All Eyes On: Stripe Pattern
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All Eyes On: Stripe Pattern

Stripe pattern are difficult to wear especially if you’re not a pro. I avoided stripe pattern for many years, not because I didn’t like them, but more because I didn’t know how to pull it off. With every new trend comes experimentation and a good lot of patience.

Of course what we do first is looking for some inspiration whenever we find them on other blogs, magazines or celebrities. In case you’re interested in implementing some edgy stripe pieces into your wardrobe – here are some handy pieces that you can easily add to your existing garments.

How To Style Stripe Pattern

Whenever I’m searching a new trend or I’m looking for some inspiration I’ll end up clicking through the looks of Julie Sarinana aka “Sincerely Jules”. This stripe pattern top just caught my attention as it’s super casual and it isn’t that obvious if you’re looking for a easy to mix and match piece. One of the fabrics that I recommend to wear to stripes is denim. A denim jacket or ripped boyfriend jeans looks always good and makes the look appear more casual. Just perfect for Sundays if you’re wondering what to wear to brunch ;)

stripe pattern-2

In my latest looks I wore stripe pants for the first time. Although I had doubts about them in the beginning, I really liked how it turned out in the end. In case you’re still unsure about stripe pants, here are some cool shirts to have a look at.

Shop these pretty pieces:

A fresh week has just started and I am super excited about the upcoming weekend! Th Eurovision Song Contest and the Lifeball are just ahead of us. I’m happy to hear that we have two events taking part in Vienna this year. So sad that I can’t attend this years Lifeball as I’m too busy at the moment. Last year was a blast and I’m glad to have made this unforgettable experience. Hoping for next year to be part of this amazing event.
Have a beautiful start into the week!
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