A Vamp’ Girl to die for…Happy Halloween!

A Vamp’ Girl to die for…Happy Halloween!

Can’t believe October is almost over. It’s been an exciting month and of course the 2nd one since I’m in London. *happy 2nd to me*. Experiencing Halloween in Britain is totally different to what I was used to in my hometown Vienna. People are excited about the parties and can’t wait to dress themselves up. With the event comes a lot of creativity and it became kind of an challenge to top last years Halloween costume and makeup. Because I couldn’t escape the excitement around me, I decided to challenge myself for this years Halloween look. Guess what?…The vamp’ girl got me.

Let me know in the comments below what you think on this Halloween makeup.
Have a spooky night, a bloody mary and fun with your mates!

xx Bella

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  • Eva Schober

    Wow, eigentlich gar nicht so schwer nachzuschminken und echt effektvoll :-) Da ich heuer auf eine Halloween-Party eingeladen bin, werde ich den Look gleich mal ausprobieren! Liebe Grüße, Eva


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