A month in Square Shots

A month in Square Shots

It’s been a while folks since I’ve did a personal post. Since I’ve moved here, so much changed for me and I had to get used to a lot of new things. London is a great city without a doubt and each day I live here it makes me more realise that it was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.

I’ve been really lazy on Instagram this month, but whenever I had a break from my daily agenda or just got off the tube,  I picked out my phone and took a snapshot of what caught my attention. What London doesn’t tell you about itself as a city is that you might get impressed by almost everything – and by that I really mean everything! This often makes me think about my hometown Vienna and those days when I was like “#OOTD or rather more #foodpic?”. I don’t judge Vienna in anyway, I just feel my inspiration comes immediately through my daily surroundings. Yep, London turns my mind upside down!


It’s because of that typical London boroughs, that seem to divide the city in every cultural aspect of the world. I once spotted a book at WHSmith called “Around the World in Eighty Days – without leaving London” and the title is a perfect match. Just take my neighboorhood for instance: it is pretty good divided by a train bridge. On the one side you have small shops with low quality clothes and food you wouldn’t even think to touch, on the other side you have some sort of High Street with groceries, organic shops and lovely looking cafés. This happens in every part of the city and that’s why I often get overwhelmed by the various impressions and I forget to grap my phone and take that square pic.

I promise that I will take that additional look around the corner every time I can and keep you updated with discoveries.

Be sure to have a lovely week!

xx Bella

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