3 More Ways To Use Your Concealer

3 More Ways To Use Your Concealer

Concealers are a must in every woman’s bag. It’s almost impossible to not have it with us. When I ask my clients how they’re applying their concealers, most of them answer the same – under the eyes to cover dark circles. Well, that’s right but these little product can work wonders and can be used in many more ways.

Concealer at it’s best

1. Dark Circles

Usually concealer is applied under the eyes to cover dark circles but the way we do it is almost wrong.
Tip: Apply it to the inner corner of your eye instead of covering the complete under-eye area. Use your fingers to gently blend it out into your cheeks. The result will be much more natural! I like to go for more than one colour – a lighter shade for the inner corner and a slight darker one to blend out.


2. Eye Makeup Needs Primer

Concealer can be also used as a primer before applying eyeshadow. The creamy base helps you to get a more evenly look and makes it last longer than without. Of course there are many great products and primers out there, but if you’re on the lookout for a budget-friendly product your concealer should be your first choice.


3. Lippy

Before applying lipstick or any lipliner I’ll always go for a good primer. You don’t have to waste money to buy a professional lip primer. The concealer does the same job and I have made better experience with it as they don’t dry my lips and keep them a little moisturized.


4. Eyebrow Highlighter

I have used eyeshadow before to “push” my brows but a concealer is way more better to use. I suggest you to apply it with a brush instead of using your fingertips as it’s more precise.


Products I used:
MAC Concealer NW 15
Clinique Chubby Stick
Ben Nye SK 100 Total-Cover All Wheel
MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Powder

So far, these are my concealer tips for you and I hope you make use of them! 

xx Belle 

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